Tiffany Spann-Wilder for District 109

109 Born, Raised & Ready!

Dear District 109 Neighbor:

I am Tiffany Spann-Wilder, a South Carolina House District 109 native and lifelong North Charleston resident. I was raised in the Accabee Community, spending time with family in Dorchester Terrace and Union Heights communities. My early childhood education also took place in House District 109 with pre-school at Reformed House of God Kindergarten and then Chicora Elementary. As a youth, I attended Noah’s Ark Missionary Baptist Church and participated in the Charleston County Baptist Association youth programs. I participated in 4-H, cheerleading, baton twirling and softball for North Charleston Parks and Recreation at the Accabee and Jeanene Batten Centers. I was also a part of the award winning New Dimensions Double Dutch Team that was based at then Brentwood Middle & Garrett High Schools.

With a solid footprint of impact, Tiffany Spann-Wilder is ready, willing and capable of serving the residents of House District 109 to be a voice of reason for our needs.

I returned home to District 109 in 2000 after graduating law school.  Since that time, I have lived in District 109 and been a supporter of the citizens of North Charleston. I am the owner/sole proprietor of Spann Wilder Law, LLC in the South end of North Charleston and have sown seeds of support into the community through my business and fellowships at Royal Missionary Baptist Church and St. Matthew Baptist Church where my husband and I are current members.

Over the past 20 years, my SERVANT LEADERSHIP has manifested in varying spaces.  I have served our country (U.S. Army JAG Corp.), our state (Governor’s Commission on Women & S.C. Bar Young Lawyers President), our county (former Charleston County Magistrate) and our community (former City of North Charleston Municipal Judge).

With a solid footprint of impact - I am now ready, willing and capable of serving the residents of House District 109 to be a voice of reason for our needs.  I have been told that I am the epitome of what good can come out of District 109 despite what statistics & demographics say. I am ready to make the push to see a shift for you, my neighbors and your families. 

Ready On Day One,

Tiffany Spann-Wilder
Candidate for South Carolina House District 109

Why I am running

In the heart of the Lowcountry, Tiffany Spann-Wilder is committed to addressing critical issues that directly impact the residents of SC House District 109. As a passionate advocate for positive change, Tiffany focuses issues that resonate deeply with the community.


High crime rates in North Charleston are closely tied to the lack of youth recreation and vocational opportunities beyond age 13, emphasizing the need for investing in human infrastructure to break this cycle.


Extending after-school programs and vocational education beyond age 13 is crucial to preventing teens from turning to the streets and engaging in criminal activities, promoting positive alternatives like karate or coding.


Breaking the cyclical relationship between high crime rates and insufficient youth engagement by focusing on education and skill development, ultimately lowering school dropout rates and enabling youth to compete for higher-wage jobs within the community.


Addressing the population growth and traffic congestion issue by securing state and federal funds to widen roads, establish alternate routes, and implement reliable public transportation, aiming to reduce the impact of heavy car traffic on Dorchester Road and enhance overall transportation infrastructure.

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Join us in helping Tiffany move from
the Courthouse to the Statehouse!

On June 11, 2024, vote for Tiffany Spann-Wilder
for South Carolina House of Representatives - District 109


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